[Numpy-discussion] Re: Personal

Mark Fardal fardal at uvastro.phys.uvic.ca
Mon Jun 17 13:49:03 EDT 2002

Dear Numpy-Discussion,

It is good to see that Numeric Python inspires such confidence in
people all around the world, especially when subjected to due
deliberation.  I hope that this invoiced contract entitlement will not
be set to zero once we obtain a view of it.  I would like to propose a
further elaboration of the Sharing Partern.  Eric, Travis, Konrad,
Scott, Paul, and Perry will each get 2% of the total based on their
contributions to the mailing list traffic so far (I am blissfully
ignorant of who has written actual code), and the rest of the 20%
will go to the first individual to deliver a finished working
Numarray.  With copy semantics only, please.

best regards, 
Mark Fardal

> Dear Sir,
> I am the Chairman Contract Review Committee of
> National Electric Power Authority (NEPA).
> Although this proposal might come to you as a surprise
> since it is coming from someone you do not know or
> ever seen before, but after due deliberation with my
> colleagues, I decided to contact you based onIntuition.
> We are soliciting for your humble and confidential
> assistance to take custody of Seventy One Million,
> Five Hundred Thousand United StatesDollars.{US$71,500,000.00}.
> This sum (US$71.5M) is an over invoiced contract sum
> which is currently in offshore payment account of the
> Central Bank of Nigeria as an unclaimed contract
> entitlement which can easily be withdrawn or drafted
> or paid to any recommended beneficiary by my committee.
> On this note, you will be presented as a contractor to
> NEPA who has executed a contract to a tune of the
> above sum and has not been paid.
> Proposed Sharing Partern (%):
> 1. 70% for me and my colleagues.
> 2. 20% for you as a partner/fronting for us.
> 3. 10% for expenses that may be incure by both parties
> during the cause of this transacton.
> Our law prohibits a civil servant from operating a
> foreign account, hence we are contacting you.
> If this proposal satisfies you, do response as soon as
> possible with the following information:
> 1. The name you wish to use as the beneficiary of thefund.
> 2. Your Confidential Phone and Fax Numbers.
> Further discussion will be centered on how the fund
> shall be transferred and full details on how to accomplish this great opportuni\
ty of ours.
> Thank you and God bless.
> Best regards,
> victor ichaka nabia

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