[Numpy-discussion] Numeric objects, os.spawnlp and pickle

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at gmx.net
Mon Jun 24 12:28:04 EDT 2002

Aureli Soria Frisch <Aureli.Soria_Frisch at ipk.fhg.de> writes:

> Has someone made similar experiences by 'pickling' arrays? Could it be a
> problem of the different computers running versions of Python from 2.0 to
> 2.2.1?  Or a problem of different versions of NumPy?

Yes -- pickling isn't meant to work across different python versions (it might
to some extent, but I wouldn't try it unless there is no way around it). Using
netcdf as a data format instead of pickling might also be a solution (if
intermediate storage on the disk is not too inefficient, but your original
approach involved that anyway). Konrad Hinsen has written a nice wrapper for
python that is quite easy to use:



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