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Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Tue Jun 25 06:43:04 EDT 2002

> that is certainly more black and white than reality.  I am one
> of those 100 users and I would (will) certainly go through the
> code that I use on a daily basis (and the other code that I use

I certainly appreciate any help, but this is not just a matter
of amount of time, but also of risk, the risk of introducing bugs.

The package that you are using, Scientific Python, is the lesser of my
worries, as the individual parts are very independent. My other
package, MMTK, is not only bigger, but also consists of many tightly
coupled modules. Moreover, I am not aware of any user except for
myself who knows the code well enough to be able to work on such an
update project.

Finally, this is not just my personal problem, there is lots of NumPy
code out there, publically released or not, whose developers would
face the same difficulties.

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