[Numpy-discussion] two tricky operations

Pete Shinners pete at shinners.org
Thu May 2 12:11:06 EDT 2002

> def twod(n,m):
>     a = zeros((n,m,2))
>     b = arange(n*m)
>     a[:,:,0] = transpose(reshape(b % n, (m,n)))
>     a[:,:,1] = reshape(b % m, (n,m))
>     return a

eric has sent me a great version off the list:

def other_twod(n,m):
	q = indices((n, m)
	return transpose(q)[:,:,::-1]

> It's not clear to me what you mean here.  If you have an array with
> shape (n,m,3) and want to get (n*m,3), just use reshape(a,(n*m,3)).
> Maybe you mean something more complicated than that?

no, this is exactly what i meant. in hindsight i realize i already knew 
how to do this. owell, and thanks for the answers :]

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