[Numpy-discussion] Dyadic Python

Rob rob at pythonemproject.com
Sat Oct 12 15:16:03 EDT 2002

As a help for me learning Dyadic vector analysis, I have been working on
a Numpy class for manipulating Dyads.  I am wondering if anyone else has
any similar interests.  Most of the impetus for the work comes from
"Methods for Electromagnetic Field Analysis" by Ismo Lindell.  In
numerous searches I found no computer code dealing with Dyads.

My biggest stumbling block so far is integrating the symbolism of Dyadic
analysis into something understandable.  Operator overloading isn't
going to help me.   For example in my program:

A=dyad(a,b) where a and b are complex vectors
B=dyad(c,d)       "
A.dmmd(B) is equivalent to double dyadic multiplication of the dyads A
and B.  :)   In a book this would be written something like  A xx B
except that the x's would be aligned vertically.

Ok, its an insane project.    Rob.

The Numeric Python EM Project


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