[Numpy-discussion] Accessing a Numeric 'c' array from numarray

Francesc Alted falted at openlc.org
Sat Jan 18 01:23:03 EST 2003


I'm trying to make a C array from a Numeric "c" (Character) typecode array
using the high level call:

NA_InputArray(PyObject *numarray, NumarrayType t, int requires)

with no success.

As I have been able to access all the other types (i.e.
'1','b','s','i','l','f','d') successfully, perhaps character type is not

In the NumarrayType enum, there is no tChar, but I've tried tUInt8 and tAny
as the value for NumarrayType parameter, but both choices issues the same

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "table-tree2.py", line 77, in ?
    h5file.createArray('/columns', 'name', array(names), "Name column")
  File "/home/falted/PyTables/pytables-0.3/tables/File.py", line 400, in 
    setattr(group, name, object)
  File "/home/falted/PyTables/pytables-0.3/tables/Group.py", line 355, in 
    value._f_putObjectInTree(name, self)
  File "/home/falted/PyTables/pytables-0.3/tables/Leaf.py", line 71, in 
  File "/home/falted/PyTables/pytables-0.3/tables/Array.py", line 83, in 
    self.createArray(self.object, self.title)
  File "/home/falted/PyTables/pytables-0.3/src/hdf5Extension.pyx", line 913, 
in createArray
    array = NA_InputArray(arr, numfmt2[arr.typecode()], C_ARRAY)
libnumarray.error: getShape: sequence object nested more than MAXDIM deep.

although I was passing only a Numeric 'c' with a rather small shape (10,16).

I just want to access the buffer data, and the shape of this object from C
(well, I'm actually using Pyrex, but I think this is not important). Is that
possible by only using numarray C calls?


Francesc Alted

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