[Numpy-discussion] RE: numarray/Numeric upkeep?

paul at pfdubois.com paul at pfdubois.com
Tue Jan 21 12:06:34 EST 2003

Here are some of the factors leading to the slow rate of change of Numeric
a. I changed to a new project and have had a lot of startup learning to
do. My new project uses Numeric but not in as central a way as my old one.
b. I mistakenly thought numarray would be ready sooner so that I was trying
to let it slide.
c. I announced last year, in view of (a), that I was needing to be replaced
as HeadNummie. It would be logical to turn this over to the Numarray people,
but they aren't ready to do it until Numarray is ready, so nothing happened.
d. Except for Travis, most of the other listed Numeric developers aren't
in fact doing patches, releases, etc.
e. Not all patches that are submitted are correct or desirable, historically.
I'm not saying anything about any patches you may have submitted, just pointing
out that applying them requires real work, not just mechanical patching.
In fact the rate of error in patches is quite high and I've learned to be
f. Some patches interfere with each other; for example, a patch for making
64 bit machines work right and a patch for some specific bug collided.

I've started to work on the MA for Numarray but I'm not able to do much
work on Numeric right now. This is a place where someone else has to help.

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>Subject: numarray/Numeric upkeep?
>From: Michael Stone <mbrierst at users.sourceforge.net>
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>No one seems to be doing bugfixes for Numeric or numarray.
>Nothing seems to have happened for several months.  Lots of bugs have been
>posted for Numeric, some easily fixable (I submitted one with a patch).
>Any idea if either project will become active again anytime soon?

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