[Numpy-discussion] package vs module

paul at pfdubois.com paul at pfdubois.com
Tue Jan 7 09:25:06 EST 2003

1. I favor the package approach.

2. I don't care if FFT is numarray.FFT or numpy.FFT (i.e., in a separate
place). However, see (3).

3. Extensions built with one version of Python/numarray may not work with
a different version. This means the safer approach is to have all addons
inside the same directory, so that you can blow away just one directory
and be sure that no 'old' packages remain. 

Some new stuff being put into Python also envisions being able to add various
zipped files to the Python path as places to be searched. Perhaps this represents
a packaging opportunity. I haven't paid enough attention to be sure.

While we are on the subject of packaging, the current distribution places
all sorts of extraneous test and installation-related files in the Lib directory.
This makes it harder to work with the source when you are new to it.

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