[Numpy-discussion] RE: numarray/Numeric upkeep?

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Tue Jan 21 12:28:13 EST 2003

Michael Stone wrote:

> >No one seems to be doing bugfixes for Numeric or numarray.
> >Nothing seems to have happened for several months.  Lots of bugs 
> have been

It certainly isn't true that nothing has happened for several months
with numarray. On what do you base this belief? While not all bugs
have been fixed, the oldest listed in the numarray bug tracker is
from December. Is there a bug you feel needs urgent attention?

Work is continuing and new releases will be coming out.

As to Paul's comments regarding when numarray will be ready,
my guess is when the following are complete:

- Package reorganization (make numarray a package)
- Optimization for small arrays (making numarray'speed with small arrays
   more comparable with Numeric; this is probably the single largest
   remaining item)
- Porting some well known packages such as MA (which Paul is working on),
   scipy, pyopengl and such to work with numarray. Some of this has been

There are other smaller things to do as well. But I'm hoping that
we can be done with these in a few months.


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