[Numpy-discussion] Numeric 23.0 released

Paul Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Thu Mar 6 09:38:37 EST 2003

Numeric-23.0.tar.gz is available for download at

The Windows zip and exe are ready to upload but I am having trouble with
ftp. I will try later today if another developer doesn't beat me to it.

A special thanks to all those who contributed bug fixes, especially Travis
Oliphant, and all of you bug reporters out there.

This is my last release as Head Nummie. The developers will now choose a new
victim, er, I mean leader, as set out in our charter. I will still be an
active developer and user. I want to thank all of you for your help and
civility over the years I have done this job. And thank you to my
supervisors over the years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for
encouraging me to do it.

-- Paul Dubois

Here comes the news:

Version 23 March 2003

Important notice:

   Two packages have been removed from optional ones: PropertiedClasses,
MA has been rewritten to use standard property and will not work for 
ancient Pythons. (Pre 2.1, I think). Use the MA / Propertied Classes 
from Numeric 22 if you can't use this one.

    The kinds package (subject of PEP-0242) will be released as a separate 
package shortly. PEP-0242 was withdrawn because this facility did not seem
to be worth putting in the standard library, but kinds is correct as is.

[ 695200 ] Richard Everson (R.M.Everson at exeter.ac.uk) has donated a dotblas 
          Package that gets Numeric to use optimized BLAS libraries for dot
	  innerproduct, and vdot --- a conjugate vector dot product he
	  setup.py must be altered by the user in a manner similar to the
	  to use optimized BLAS for LinearAlgebra

[675777]  new-style classes as objects in a sequence were not being detected
          correctly by array_objecttype.  Corrected array_objecttype to
	  them.  (Oliphant)

[contribution] Fernando Perez has donated a revised version of the tutorial
    file view.py that seems to be less likely to hang the interpreter.

[68392923]  dimensions+scalar -> crash (jneb)
    Found divergent value of MAX_DIMS in ufuncobject.c; 
    The value was 20 there and 40 in two other places. But 40 is ludicrous,
    we would never have that much memory available. Changed
    them all to 30.

[ unreported ] Changed PY_VERSION_HEX check for version 2.2 
                  to 0x0202000 as it should have been
	       so that true_division numeric ops can be supported

[ 614808 ] Inconsistent use of tabs and spaces
           Fixed as suggested by Jimmy Retzlaff

[ 621032 ] needless work in multiarraymodule.c 
           Fixes suggested by Greg Smith applied.
           Also recoded OBJECT_DotProduct to eliminate a warning error.

[ 630584 ] generalized_inverse of complex array 
           Fix suggested by Greg Smith applied.

[ 652061 ] PyArray_As2D doesn't check pointer.
           Fix suggested by Andrea Riciputi applied.

[ 655512 ] inverse_real_fft incorrect many sizes
           Fix given by mbriest applied.

[unreported]  a.real increased reference count of a and raised error when
               a is not complex.
               Fixed to apparent intended behavior of returning an array
	       with the same data. (Oliphant)

Patch for 64-bit machines applied. Appears to work ok on 32 bit but don't
have the machine to test the patch.(Dubois)

[ 627771 ] matrixmultiply broken for non-contig (fixed, test case added)
           (Greg Smith)

[unreported] Fixed ArrayPrinter when NaN's show up in Float32

[ 545336 ] Bug in RandomArray.randint
Changed the function ranf to type double (Chuck Harris)
Harris is probably right that all floats should be double in this module
but it may be this has performance or storage consequences that would 
bite somebody.  I support RNG, not this one. -- Dubois

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