[Numpy-discussion] typo in arrayobject.h?

christiaan.kok at philips.com christiaan.kok at philips.com
Mon Mar 17 07:13:26 EST 2003

Dear people,

When trying to compile a C extension to Numeric 23.0 the compiler complains (with a syntax error) about a semicolon in line 284 of arrayobject.h. When I remove this semicolon my application seems to run.


Windows 2000
Visual C++ 6.0
Numeric 23.0
Python 2.2.1

Is this a typo or do I do something strange?

with best regards,

Christiaan Kok

/* C API address pointer */
#if defined(NO_IMPORT) || defined(NO_IMPORT_ARRAY)
extern void **PyArray_API;
void **PyArray_API      /* <---------------------------  semicolon here removed! */
static void **PyArray_API;

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