[Numpy-discussion] Integrating cephes with numpy

Paul F Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Thu Mar 6 06:15:13 EST 2003

FWIW, I am about to create an 'Extras' area in the Numeric cvs repository
where non-core, distutils-enabled addons can be put by the numpy developers.
These would be things that install as their own packages, not a part of
Numeric or Numarray.

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> Hi everybody,
> You probably all know Travis Oliphant's SpecialFuncs 
> (previously called 
> cephes) module, which contains a large number of special functions. 
> Currently it is not easy to install this module, since SpecialFuncs 
> became a part of SciPy, which is great in itself but cannot 
> be installed 
> easily as other parts of SciPy depend on a host of other packages. As 
> Scipy will get extended in the future, this problem will only 
> get worse. 
> Recently I have been asked several times for such a module 
> for special 
> functions, but I don't know where I can refer people to 
> without qualms, 
> especially for newbies.
> Since the 'cephes' part of SpecialFuncs is basically an extension of 
> umathmodule.c in numpy, it seems that numpy would be the 
> natural place 
> for cephes. So I would suggest to integrate cephes with 
> numpy, either by 
> adding cephes' special functions to umathmodule.c or as a separate 
> module (similar to the LinearAlgebra or RandomArray parts of 
> numpy). In 
> the process, we can solve some installation problems in cephes which 
> seem to be recurring frequently (see the numpy mailing list for some 
> examples).
> For the moment, I slapped together a version of the cephes 
> module that 
> can be installed more easily; however, I would think it is 
> better to do 
> this the right way and to avoid multiple variations of basically the 
> same package floating around in cyberspace.
> Any opinions on this? If this seems like a good idea, I'd be 
> happy to do 
> some additional coding if needed to set this up, though 
> Travis Oliphant 
> has basically done everything already so I wouldn't think 
> much further 
> coding is needed.
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