[Numpy-discussion] numarray.fromfunction and Float32

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Sat Mar 8 03:56:06 EST 2003

Sebastian Haase wrote:

>I am just looking into numarray.fromfuntion.
>I have e.g. this:
>def  func(x,y,z):
>    return 1.2*(x+y+z)
>a = na.fromfunction(func, (nz,ny,nx))
>b = a.astype(na.Float32)
>Is there a way to tell fromfunction to _directly_ generate a Float32 typed
I don't think so.  Numeric does not have this capability either, 
 although it appears easy enough to add it.

>As I see it only "standard" Python type are possible now.
>Or: Is there a scalar conversion function like numarray.Float32( 3.141 ) ?
You can create rank-0 numarrays which are essentially typed scalars; 
 these are not, however, widely used.

 >>> import numarray
 >>> a = numarray.array(3.141, type=numarray.Float32)

>Sebastian Haase
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