[Numpy-discussion] Re: Mixing numarray and Numeric under McMillan Installer

Berthold Höllmann hoel at gl-group.com
Tue Mar 18 02:52:06 EST 2003

Berthold Höllmann <hoel at gl-group.com> writes:

> Hello,
> I am trying to freeze a program using the McMillan Installer version
> 5, alpha 1. The program has to use Numeric and numarray in
> parallell. But the generated executable just gives a segmentation
> fault. Here' what I get:
> >cat aa.py
> import Numeric as N
> print "AA"
> import numarray as n
> print "BB"
> print N.arange(19)
> print n.arange(19)

I just found out that the testcase is even shorter. It is numarray
that can't be packed using the McMillan installer. Simply the line 

import numarray

is enough to make the generated executable segfault.

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