[Numpy-discussion] numarray repackaging one more time...

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Tue May 13 14:50:11 EDT 2003

As has been mentioned before,  we're planning to repackage numarray as
a package rather than as a collection of modules.  We're soliciting
comments now because we only want to do this once.

Here are the planned renamings for the numarray modules as we transition
to a package:

numarray       --> numarray.numeric
recarray       --> numarray.records
chararray      --> numarray.strings
ndarray        --> numarray.generic
*              --> numarray.*

Note that class and function names will remain unchanged, so
recarray.RecArray will become numarray.records.RecArray.

Here are the planned renamings for the current and planned add-on packages
consolidated into a single add-ons distribution:

LinearAlgrebra2  --> numarray.LinearAlgebra
FFT2             --> numarray.FFT
RandomArray2     --> numarray.RandomArray
Convolve         --> numarray.Convolve
Convolve.Image   --> numarray.Image
MA2              --> numarray.MA

Future 3rd party packages should locate themselves under the
numarray.addons sub-package:

*               --> numarray.addons.*

The package name (shown here as numarray) is still undecided.

By including stub modules which emulate the "import behavior" of
numarray-0.5, we'll make it possible to ignore / work around the
effects of the re-packaging for the time being.  The stub modules will
be activated either through the creation of a .pth file or via
additions to PYTHONPATH to make them visible.


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