[Numpy-discussion] numarray repackaging, last call...

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Thu May 15 12:38:04 EDT 2003

Based on the comments I have received, the numarray repackaging is
shaping up as shown below:

Here are the planned renamings for the numarray modules as we transition
to a package:

numarray       --> numarray.numeric
recarray       --> numarray.records
chararray      --> numarray.strings
ndarray        --> numarray.generic
*              --> numarray.*

Note that class and function names will remain unchanged, so
recarray.RecArray will become numarray.records.RecArray.

Here are the renamings for the current and planned add-on packages
consolidated into a single add-ons distribution:

LinearAlgrebra2  --> numarray.linear_algebra
FFT2             --> numarray.fft
RandomArray2     --> numarray.random_array
Convolve         --> numarray.convolve
Convolve.Image   --> numarray.image
MA2              --> numarray.ma

Future 3rd party packages that require numarray specific C extensions
should locate themselves directly in the numarray package.  Doing so
makes it easy to figure out what to delete when extensions need to be
rebuilt.  If you don't want to, that's OK too.

Barring a sudden burst of interest or superior name choice,  I think
the top level package name should just remain "numarray".

Stub modules will be included in the first few repackaged releases to
make it possible to import the primary modules (numarray, recarray,
chararray, and ndarray) as you do with numarray-0.5.  This will relax
the requirement for synchronous change of numarray and software which
uses numarray.  The stub modules will be activated either through the
creation of a .pth file or via additions to PYTHONPATH to make them
visible.  This is a backwards compatability mode only, not recommended
usage following the repackaging.

Thanks to everyone who responded.

Final comments?

Todd Miller 			jmiller at stsci.edu

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