[Numpy-discussion] What PNRG does RandomArray Use?

rh4170056 at juno.com rh4170056 at juno.com
Mon Oct 6 03:22:08 EDT 2003

I am starting to use RandomArray for statistical simulations requiring large samples with random behavior.  Does anyone know what PNRG algorithm is used by Numeric's RandomArray module?  Have searched this and other user groups, plus NumericPython site and can't find this info.  Starting with 2.3 the regular Python random module uses Mersenne Twister which is ideal, but if I use that it slows things down considerably (because need to iterate and put the random numbers in an array before I can do ufunc operations).  Mersenne Twister has a period > 2**10,000 and behaves very "randomly".  Does RandomArray use one of similar quality?  Thanks for any information or help.

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