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Richard's 	Resume	 for Job, 	Consulting or Service





  Project Mgr, Electro-Mechanical Design, Mfg, Product Development, R&D, CADD

          Tel: ( 408)  309-7006 	rpraca3 at yahoo.com

08/93-present          Sr. MECHANICAL & DESIGN ENGINEER, CADD Mgr "Mech-Tronic" 

Engineering, Design & Product Development Service; Project Management, Mfg, Tooling, Product Improvement; Developing Working Product, Design and Prototype Production;  Controlling & Managing testing,  redesign, manufacturing documentation preparation;  
and full realization of Task using technical approach, schedules,  and budget to achieve Final Product.  

Selecting vendors and specialist to supply performance  satisfying customers expectation and to create a new, modern product with advanced properties, quality and market desirable working abilities and sellable values.

Preparing propositions & presentations, Review Manufacturing Process and Quality Control, Inspecting standards, Engineering Computations and Technical Improvements,  Supplying and Production Automation. Project Management & Development. 

Preparing technical documentation, calculations, engineering, design, layouts, drawings, 3D and Solid Modeling, development & propositions. Hard Drive Design, testing, balancing, recalculating and redesign. Manufacturing and Assembly Equipment design and build.  Systems Integration.

Tooling and Operations Development, Implementation & Automation for mass production.  Energy, Electric Vehicles and Computerized Transportation System Design & Implement. Solar Panels. Solid Works, Pro-E, CAD Management and Operations, Analyzing, Micro Station, ACAD 10-2002 & LT, Win 3x & 2000', Net, Internet, Softdesk, Structural Design. Network, Security.

Electrical Design & Installations; Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Lights, Plugs, Panels, Power Supply,  Electro - Solar Installations, CADD automation. Dynamics, Kinematics, thermodynamics / heat transfer & FEA analyzing.

Manufacturing hydraulic & pneumatic equipment, machinery and control systems, mechanisms, robotics device, precision machine elements.  Inspecting and control manufacturing standards, analyzing stresses and tolerances, selecting materials, engineering computations and technical improvements, documentation, projects development, supplying.

Automation, Conveyors, Spiral Elevator, Fast Cannery Transportation, Electronic and Electrical Components, Master Control Center, Sheet Metal Oven Rebuilding Project. Power Systems, UPS.

Automation equipment and machine control using for machines and robotics precision mechanisms motion programming, fluid mechanics, pneumatics systems, mounting and positioning devices, electro-mechanical and vacuum mechanisms, design and analysis of structures, castings, welded frames, mechanical detailing. 


DOS, SUN UNIX, MAC, WP, dB, Lotus, Network, Windows & Applications; MS Project, Excel, Access, Word, PFS, Graphics, CAD / CAM, Excel, Basic, C, Fortran, Analyzes. CADD systems, Algor, VAX, Net.  MCAD, Acad's 2002 & Softdesk, Script, Nastran, Infusoft, LAN, Tektronix, Cadkey,  Lisp, Personal Designer, ACAD / Computer Instructor, Machine Design, Robotics & Automation, WIND, SOLAR, METRIC.


Institute for Business & Technology, California
CADD Engineer,  Programming,  Design,  Management

Electro - Mechanical  College
Mechanical Engineering - BSME,   ASEE,  MBA

Open for Travel  *  Salary open *  Permanent  preferred  or Consulting

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