[Numpy-discussion] sum and mean methods behaviour

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Tue Sep 2 12:21:07 EDT 2003

Todd Miller wrote:

> I thought about this a lot yesterday and today talked it over with
> Perry.   There are several ways to fix the problem with mean() and
> sum(), and I'm hoping that you and the rest of the community will help
> sort them out.


Just a thought: why not make the upcasting an optional parameter?

I've found that python's arguments with default values provide a very 
convenient way of giving the user fine control with minimal conceptual overhead.

I'd rather write:

arr = array([255, 255], Int8)
... later
arr.sum(use_double=1)  # or some similar way of tuning sum()


arr = array([255, 255], Int8)
... later

Numarray/numpy are trying to tackle an inherently hard problem: matching the 
high-level comfort of python with the low-level performance of C.  This 
situation is an excellent example of what I've seen described as the 'law of 
leaky abstractions':  in most cases where you encapsulate low level details in 
a high level abstraction, there end up being situations where the details poke 
through the abstraction and cause you grief.  This is an inherently tricky 
problem, with no easy, universal solution (that I'm aware of).



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