[Numpy-discussion] numarray unfriendly to user defined types

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Thu Sep 25 07:01:07 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 19:55, Tim Hochberg wrote:
> One more minor thing. I'm not sure tha DeferTo is ideal as the mix-in 
> class name. It was perfect for the registration function name, but I'm 
> not sure it's so clear whether the class or numarray is being deferred 
> to when you say numarray.DeferTo. DeferToMe is more descriptive, but 
> seems sort of slangy. DeferredTo is better than DeferTo, but still not 
> as descriptive as DeferToMe. numarray.DefersTo reads perfect as long as 
> numarray is included but is a disaster if you read it on your own.  
> Below I've put down all the ideas I could come up with
> class CustomArray(numarray.DeferTo)
> class CustomArray(numarray.DefersTo)
> class CustomArray(numarray.DeferredTo)
> class CustomArray(numarray.DeferToMe)
> class CustomArray(numarray.DeferredToByNumarray)
> class CustomArray(DeferTo)
> class CustomArray(DefersTo)
> class CustomArray(DeferredTo)
> class CustomArray(DeferToMe)
> class CustomArray(DeferredToByNumarray)
> For me it's a toss up between DefferedTo, DeferToMe and 
> DeferredToByNumarray. The first is a little lacking in descriptive 
> power, the second is slangy and the third is wordy.

For something as esoteric as this, I think wordy is probably best. 
Barring a Perrenial edict,  DeferredToByNumArray it is.

I'm psyched.  The MA port should inter-operate with numarray... today.

Thanks for all the lucid, constructive suggestions,


Todd Miller 			jmiller at stsci.edu

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