[Numpy-discussion] problems with compiling and loading C++ extension

Faheem Mitha faheem at email.unc.edu
Thu Apr 8 00:31:02 EDT 2004

On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Fernando Perez wrote:

> I hope this helps you.  Mail me if you want the full files (this is old code I
> don't use anymore, so it may not quite compile now anymore, but you can still
> look a it).

Yes, please do send me your files (preferably as a tar.gz). Thanks for the
info. I expect you are right. I'll take a more careful look. One problem
is that I don't understand the logic behind C linkage very well. For
example, does it suffice to wrap the declaration of the function or do I
need to wrap the definition too?

Can you suggest a good reference, preferably online? My C++ books are not
much help with this.



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