[Numpy-discussion] numarray on 64 bits

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Thu Apr 29 04:17:06 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 03:51, Marc Poinot wrote:
> Did anybody use numarray on a 64 bits platform ? 

Numarray has been used on Compaq Alpha/Tru64 and also SGI Altix,  but
neither is an everyday platform for us at STScI.

> (e.g. SGI/Irix)
> The package works on our 64 bits platforms... using 32 bits mode,
> but not using 64 mode. Big crash in _ufunc... 

This is probably a bug which has was created since we dropped Tru64 at
STScI.  A gdb traceback would be useful here to help understand where
the crash occurred.  Generally, crashes result from the improper use of
ints/longs in the numarray C-code.  

> Is there a flag to set somewhere, trick, hint, noway ?

There's really only one flag that matters for 64-bit operation on UNIX:
LP64.  It's controlled/propagated in the file generate.py.  LP64 asserts
that longs and pointers are 64-bit, while ints remain 32-bit. I imagine
you've already set this.


Todd Miller <jmiller at stsci.edu>

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