[Numpy-discussion] argmax & py2exe

Tim Hochberg tim.hochberg at cox.net
Thu Aug 5 10:06:04 EDT 2004

I just ran into a little snag using py2exe with CVS numarray: argmax 
breaks in py2exe packaged programs although it works fine when run 
normally. My believe is that py2exe is getting confused by the trick of 
using 'import numeric' inside the function argmax, which I believe is 
there to avoid circular imports. In any event, generic.argmax and 
numarraycore.NumArray.argmax mysteriously ending up calling each other 
recursively until the recursion limit is exceeded.

This is almost certainly a problem with py2exe, not with numarray, but 
since circular imports are sort of bad form and since numarray side of 
things is almost certainly easier to to fix, I though I'd try to 
persuade you, the numarray developers, to reorganize argmax so the 
circular imports go away.

I think that this is mostly a matter of moving the numeric.argmax/argmin 
code into NumArray.argmax/argmin and then numeric.argmax/argmin can just 
call a.argmax/a.argmin on the array a that it is passed./


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