[Numpy-discussion] masked arrays and nd_image

Curzio Basso curzio.basso at unibas.ch
Wed Aug 11 06:17:10 EDT 2004

Peter Verveer wrote:

 > I did not write nd_image with masked arrays in mind, I imagine it won't
 > work for most functions. I am not planning to support masked arrays

Yes, I expected this. I knew I was pretending too much ;o)

 > . If you just want to mask out some of the results, apply the mask
 > afterwards. If you actually want to deal with masked values in the
 > convolution itself, you are out of luck  with the convolve1d function,
 > it does not support that. In that case you could try to write your own,
 > using the generic filter functions (see the  manual).

Ok, this would imply writing a function with prototype FilterFunction1D, 
right? And the mask argument should be packed with the data or is there 
a way (which I don't see) to pass arguments to the filter other than the 
input image. Sorry if I'm annoying ;o)

thanks, curzio

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