[Numpy-discussion] Pure Python NumPy-like module?

Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 11 11:34:00 EDT 2004

Hi folks,

I've got a project that uses Numeric arrays a fair bit. Unfortunately, I 
have a fair number of users that would like to be able to use it without 
Numeric (frankly I don't get it. It's a wxPython widget, and once you've 
installed wxPython, Numeric should not be a show stopper, but whatever). 
I though one way to accommodate this was to create a pure python 
Numeric-lite package, that contained the functionality need for my app, 
and was written in pure python. A side benefit of this is that it would 
be an easy way to see how much a performance gain Numeric gives me. 
Frankly, I don't really care that much, I like using Numeric operations 
for the syntactical advantages, aside from performance issues.

Anyway, I recall a while back a couple folks did some testing with Psyco 
and a pure-python implementation of a small fraction of Numeric 
functionality. I'd love to see that code if it's still around. Or if any 
of you has done something similar, I'd love to see that too.

-thanks, Chris

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