[Numpy-discussion] suppress_small=1 ?

kevin lester lkemohawk at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 2 16:45:06 EST 2004


How can I control my output presentation. There are
times when using: print array_str(a,suppress_small=1),
does not print a float as intended, but remains to
output in exponential form. I am using a win32 os and
mostly using PythonWin shell but also tried using
wxPython's shell for same results. I tried several
other aspects such as sys.float_output_suppress_small
to no avail.

Another question I have is: performing an operation on
an array produces a new array index subscript. Is it
possible to re-assign the original index subscript to
an array after performing the operation. (tunnel
vision afflicted...lol)

Thank you very much,

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