[Numpy-discussion] Numeric 23.6 for Python 2.4

Jonathan Brandmeyer jbrandmeyer at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 20 10:12:10 EST 2004

Does the Numeric team intend to provide a build of Numeric 23.6 for Python 2.4?  If not, I have managed to build a release using the free-as-in-beer version of MSVC 7.1, aka MS Visual C++ Toolkit 2003.

I basically followed the directions here:
and altered setup.py to use Numeric's own math libraries rather than the atlas libs.  The build has been tested only by running the supplied Test/test.py program after installing the package.

For the moment, you can download the file from 
but I would prefer it to be hosted on the Sourceforge download page for the project.  Its md5sum is 2df692d7b8136b68e3b511ed27cbbdd8

-Jonathan Brandmeyer

P.S.  I apologize if the message's formatting is borked up; I'm sending this from a webmail interface.

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