[Numpy-discussion] problem, bug?

Jon Bober bober at acm.cs.nyu.edu
Wed Mar 24 23:42:05 EST 2004

Hello folks,

On some numarray code I have, I get the error:

** On entry to DGESDD parameter number 12 had an illegal value

when calling singular_value_decomposition on a slightly large array (2D
matrix), but not on smaller arrays. Is there perhaps something that I am
doing wrong, or is this a bug in numarray? (I suppose that either way,
this is a bug, as an error on my part should give a python error rather
than a LAPACK error.)

[Incidentally, parameter 12 seems to be the lwork parameter, as far as I
can tell. I don't immediately see what value it could have that would be
illegal, but then, I don't know anything about LAPACK really, and the C
code for it is not easy to read.]

More info available on request, of course, as well as the code that is
causing the problems.


-Jon Bober

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