[Numpy-discussion] blitz++ and numarray

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Mar 30 13:50:15 EST 2004

> Thanks. That is very helpful. I've incorporated this into my code, and
> managed to get a simple example with boost working (extracting an element
> of an array). See below.

Glad it helped.

> Do you have a similar function which converts a blitz array to a
> numarray/Numeric one? If not, I can easily concoct one for myself.

No, I don't have one.  But it's pretty straightforward to write one, the 
Numeric C API provides functions to create arrays from existing data.  You'll 
be surprised how conceptually similar Blitz and Numeric turn out to be (which 
is a good thing).

> I now need to try to figure out what this reference counting stuff is
> about. I read the official Python docs but am still currently very
> confused.

As I said, so far I've been able to bypass this issue by creating my arrays in 
python and 'filling' them in blitz.  But this is not always a realistic 
possibility, so you may indeed have to learn the reference counting management 



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