[Numpy-discussion] scipy.base (Numeric3) ready for extension modules to test

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Aug 24 16:33:33 EDT 2005

scipy.base is in a beta-quality state right now.  The Packages are not 
ported, but the basic object works  as far as I can tell.  If you have 
extension modules that you would like to try and compile with the new 
system, I would appreciate the feedback.

Note, this is for Numeric users only.  The C-API follows the Numeric 

There is a COMPATIBILITY file that lists a few of the changes (there are 
actually very few...), that may need to be made. 

Only if you used descr->zero, descr->one, or explicit typecode strings 
in your c-code should you need to make any changes.

There are changes you may wish to make to improve your code to take 
advantage of the extended C-API, but you shouldn't have to, except in a 
couple of cases.

You can check the code base out of anonymous CVS (wait a day) and try it....

-Travis O.

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