[Numpy-discussion] new __wrap_array__ magic method

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Aug 10 10:02:11 EDT 2005

Sebastien.deMentendeHorne at electrabel.com wrote:

>Currently, we have an __array__ magic method that can be used to transform any object that implements it into an array.
>It think that a more useful magic method would be, for ufuncs, a __wrap_array__ method that would return an array object and a function to use after having applied the ufunc.
There is an interest in doing this but it is a bit more complicated for 
ufuncs with more than one input argument and more than one output argument.

I have not seen a proposal that really works.    Your __wrap_array__ 
method sounds interesting though.   I think, however, that the 
__wrap_array__ method would need to provide some kind of 
array_interfaceable object to be really useful.

In the new scipy.base, I've been trying to handle some of this, but it 
is more complicated than it might at first appear.


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