[Numpy-discussion] py2exe compliance

Antony Kummel antonykummel at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 4 05:30:02 EST 2005

  I have used a trick to make py2exe recognize all of numarray's modules,  which I suggest be incorporated into the numarray CVS. It can be a real  pain to solve this problem the first time you're py2exe-ing a script  using numarray and find out that it simply doesn't work. I just added  this to numarray's __init__.py:
  # this is needed for py2exe to be able to include numarray
  def _give_py2exe_hints():
      # pyd's
      import numarray.libnumarray
      import numarray.libnumeric
      import numarray.memory
      import numarray._bytes
      import numarray._chararray
      import numarray._conv
      import numarray._converter
      import numarray._ndarray
      import numarray._numarray
      import numarray._objectarray
      import numarray._operator
      import numarray._sort
      import numarray._ufunc
      import numarray._ufuncBool
      import numarray._ufuncComplex32
      import numarray._ufuncComplex64
      import numarray._ufuncFloat32
      import numarray._ufuncFloat64
      import numarray._ufuncInt16
      import numarray._ufuncInt32
      import numarray._ufuncInt64
      import numarray._ufuncInt8
      import numarray._ufuncUInt16
      import numarray._ufuncUInt32
      import numarray._ufuncUInt8
      # py's
      import numarray.arrayprint
      import numarray.array_persist
      import numarray.dotblas
      import numarray.generic
      import numarray.ieeespecial
      import numarray.memmap
      import numarray.memorytest
      import numarray.numarrayall
      import numarray.numarraycore
      import numarray.numarrayext
      import numarray.numeric
      import numarray.numerictypes
      import numarray.numinclude
      import numarray.numtest
      import numarray.objects
      import numarray.readonly
      import numarray.records
      import numarray.safethread
      import numarray.strings
      import numarray.teacup
      import numarray.testall
      import numarray.testdata
      import numarray.typeconv
      import numarray.ufunc
      import numarray._ufuncall
      # subpackages
      import numarray.convolve
      import numarray.convolve.lineshape
      import numarray.fft
      import numarray.image
      import numarray.linear_algebra
      import numarray.ma
      import numarray.matrix
      import numarray.mlab
      import numarray.nd_image
      import numarray.random_array

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