The need for a unified numerical array object (was: [Numpy-discussion] Numeric3)

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Sat Feb 5 08:28:49 EST 2005

At 01:15 PM 2/5/2005 +0100, Jochen Küpper wrote:
>Travis Oliphant <oliphant at> writes:
>Moreover I would see it advantageous to have three independent
>packages here, so I could tell a sysadmin: "Please install
>SciencePython_simple" or "Please install SciencePython_wrappers"
>instead of "Please install SciencePython with options a, b, c".
>Somehow these sys-mins feel that is easier.

I've used Python for a couple of years now, but spent 5 years before in Perl (and not interested in going back); but the one thing I miss from Perl is CPAN. When I needed a module, I typed CPAN <module> and the proper version magically installed, with dependances. And there are a lot of modules, all available in one place.
I would also like to see more of the PHP-style user-contribution online docs. I also maintain some PHP database code and find it very time-saving to have all the comments and examples right there, and it allows users to take some of the burden of docs off of the developers. They also fill in some of the knowledge assumptions the language developers skim past, which might not be so obvious to novices.

I find that there is a lot of Python resources available for most any task, including the numpy family, but finding and installing the right thing for the local install and task at hand does take some searching and reading.

No complaints! just my experience to date.
Thanks to all,
Ray Schumacher

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