The need for a unified numerical array object (was: [Numpy-discussion] Numeric3)

konrad.hinsen at konrad.hinsen at
Sun Feb 6 06:46:25 EST 2005

On 05.02.2005, at 17:28, RJ wrote:

>  I've used Python for a couple of years now, but spent 5 years before 
> in Perl (and not interested in going back); but the one thing I miss 
> from Perl is CPAN. When I needed a module, I typed CPAN <module> and 
> the proper version magically installed, with dependances. And there 
> are a lot of modules, all available in one place.

How does CPAN handle external dependencies? For example, what does CPAN 
do with a GTK interface for Perl when it finds that GTK is not 
available on the machine? Or when the package requires a Fortran 
compiler and none is installed?


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