[Numpy-discussion] Numeric3

Andrea Riciputi ariciputi at pito.com
Mon Feb 7 14:03:18 EST 2005

Hi all,
I'm yet another long-time lurker, and Python/Numeric/SciPy user, and 
I'm very interested in this discussion. I'm completely agree with Gary, 
and I'll look forward to see the results of Travis's effort. I wish him 
best luck for Numeric3, and to all scientific-related Python community 
to keep on developing a striking scientific-environment. As Gary said, 
we are so close. At the moment, I'm stuked with my Ph.D. thesis, I hope 
in the future to be able to give a little contribution.

I also want to thanks all the Python scientific developers for their 


P.S.: I'm a Mac OSX users, and I've all the Python related packages 
(including SciPy, Numeric, matplotlib...) installed via Fink. I've 
never had any problem, could you explain to me what kind of problems 
are you experiencing?

On 7 Feb 2005, at 17:41, Gary Strangman wrote:

> Hi all,
> [Long post: a long-time lurker here sharing his numerical 
> experiences/input re: "the numeric split" and Numeric3.]
> I'm a long-time python user (and follower of this list), a heavy user 
> in the numerical realm, and an "incidental" contributor to SciPy 
> (statistical functions in stats.py). First, I'm impressed (and indeed 
> amazed) at all the hard work folks have put in--usually without 
> pay--to make Numpy and Numarray and SciPy and Matplotlib (to name the 
> major players in this discussion). I am indebted to each of you. 
> Second, I must say that I think this protracted discussion is EXACTLY 
> what the python numerical community needs. It appears as though we 
> have critical mass in terms of code and interest (and opinions), and 
> just need to bring them all together.

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