[Numpy-discussion] Numeric3

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Mon Feb 7 21:13:10 EST 2005

> And NOT a matlab-like environment? Or is it trying to be both?

Very loosely a matlab or IDL-like environment.  Nobody has really 
defined what it means to be a MATLAB-like environment.   The idea is 
that someone could do what one can do in MATLAB or IDL, not write code 
in exactly the same way.  A MATLAB translator is an entirely different 

So, I'm not sure.   There is no requirement that contributions "not be 
classed based", or conform to some command in MATLAB. 

Perhaps what you are referring to is the fact that

from scipy import *

makes a lot of command-like interaction possible.  Is this seen as 

 I guess right now, scipy is trying to bring lots of modules under a 
common naming convention.

I think the goals of scipy are very much what people are talking about 
here.   SciPy ultimately becomes what its users and developers want it 
to become.   That is why I'm so unclear as to why we have not received 
more support in its development --- even in the way of ideas as to how 
to make it better --- until the great ideas that have been suggested on 
this list recently.


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