[Numpy-discussion] Multiarray PEP

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Feb 16 23:26:15 EST 2005

I am looking for feedback on the PEP.   Of particular interest is the 
specification of multidimensional indexing that I've outlined.  I think 
it is mostly the same as numarray (I'd love some feedback to be sure 
about that), except for the fact that X[K] where K is a a single integer 
index array can do 1-d indexing similar to MATLAB.  The equivalent 
numarray indexing is available as X[K,].    Now that I've specified what 
is to happen, I think it won't be very difficult to code. 

I would also like some help on resolving the type issue.   Is it 
important to have hierarchial classes defined (probably in Python) that 
can be used to check and/or specify type or are functions that check for 
various properties, fine.   Right now x.type is specified as an 
attribute but the attribute could be replaced by a method.  What to 
return is the biggest question.

I've never had a problem with just the typecode characters although 
aliases (like Int16 or Short) which might be more meaningful are nice.   
Are shadow-classes important in this case?  To me they look a little 
like extra bulk with no gain.  I'd love to be educated as to why it is 
worth the extra effort to have a bunch of instances lying around.  I 
don't feel very strongly about this though, so if somebody else does, 
I'm willing to go for it.

I've designed Numeric3 so that it is not difficult to change how 
typecodes are specified on the Python level.   We can really accommodate 

<Opening can ....>

What is the opinion of everybody?


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