[Numpy-discussion] random and RandomArray

Bruce Southey southey at uiuc.edu
Thu Feb 17 07:28:19 EST 2005

The Mersenne Twister is available in Python as: 
This file contains the outdated information: 
"The code in this module was based on a download from: 
The redirected link is titled: Mersenne Twister with improved initialization 
A brief look at randlib() suggests that it is written so that different uniform 
generators could be used. Could randf() be rewritten to have the default 
(current status) function and a second that just to link to the random module 
library to use the Mersenne Twister?  
Okay, I do know it is not that easy (the seed code would also need to change so 
account for which generator is being used) but may be sufficient. 
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>Bruce Southey wrote: 
>> Hi,  
>> I was browsing through some of the code and realized that certain random 
>> generators occur in both the Python random module and RandomArray.   
>> The random module uses C code to get a scalar uniform random number that is  
>> modified in Python by other generators to get random numbers from other  
>> distributions. In RandomArray everything is done in the C code - obviously 
>> is way faster especially for arrays.  
>> In the long term, would it make sense to get use the same random number  
>> generators in both random and RandomArray?  
>I think that it is certainly feasible and desirable that when/if a  
>multiarray object enters the standard library that the standard random  
>module be extended to produce arrays as well. 
>I don't think it's terribly worthwhile to hack the random module to  
>expose its PRNG so that we use it's implementation without duplicating  
>code. I think the result will be quite fragile, and won't be useful  
>until Python 2.5. 
>I do think it would be extremely worthwhile to implement the Mersenne  
>Twister for numarray/scipy. I promised some time ago to look into this,  
>but I have not gotten around to it, unfortunately. 
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>rkern at ucsd.edu 
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