[Numpy-discussion] Numeric3 PEP

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 19 07:15:23 EST 2005

The PEP has:

     In Python there will be a hierchial set of classes defined:

      GenericArray (type classes)
        BooleanArray  (Bool)

        NumericArray  (XX is the bit-width of the type)
            SignedIntegerArray   (IntXX)
	    UnsignedIntegerArray (UIntXX)
	  FloatArray    (FloatXX)
	  ComplexArray  (FloatXX)

            StringArray  (String)
            UnicodeArray (Unicode)
          VoidArray (Void)


It seems that the record type is to be handled under the VoidArray.  I 
hope that it will permit the setting and reading of fields.

For example, if recs is an instance of an Array of records, then it 
should be possible to write:

     >>> recs[22, 5].sex= 'F'
     >>> recs[22, 5].sex

It is not clear, from the current draft, what is intended for 
ObjectArray.  Can these be any Python objects tuple, list etc. or 
instances of any user defined class?

There is also a tofile method ( I would prefer toFile), does this mean 
that pickling would be used for the object instances?

The term WRITABLE is used, is this different from "mutable", the term 
used by Python?

"Methods such as x.r(), x.i(), and x.flatten() are proposed.".  Why not 
use properties, x.r, x.i and x.flatten.  The parentheses appear redundant.

Colin W.


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