[Numpy-discussion] More PEP comments

Tim Hochberg tim.hochberg at cox.net
Sun Feb 20 15:25:23 EST 2005

 From the PEP:

>      integers in index arrays can be negative to mean selection from the end
>      of the array.  Indices that are too large will be taken to mean the
>      last element.  Indicies that are too negative will mean
>      the first element.
Here's another little piece of the PEP that I feel should be 
reconsidered. In the absence of a compelling reason to do otherwise, the 
indices in index arrays should behave just as if one were using that 
index directly as in index tuple. And, index tuples should match the 
behaviour Python lists. In other words:

alist[i] == anarray[i] == anarray(array([i]))[0]

In order to make this equivalence work, both anarray[i] and 
anarray(array([i])) need to raise index errors when i is too large or 
too negative. And for consistency this rule should continue to apply 
when the index is a tuple rather than a simple integer index.

This is more or less how numarray works and I think that's the right 
choice. [However, I did notice that numarray 1.1 produced nonsensical 
answers when index arrays with values that were too negative, when they 
were too positive they worked as I would expect and produced an error].


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