[Numpy-discussion] pyrex numarray

Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Thu Feb 3 15:13:26 EST 2005

Perry Greenfield wrote:
> How do you handle all 
> the possible numeric types? If handling all that results in large 
> amounts of C or psuedo C code, what is pyrex buying you, really?

There was a quote from Greg Ewing that went something along the lines of:

"I am not re-implementing C++ templates for Pyrex!"

Which I think summarized his take on this.

This begs the question for me:

Why not use C++ templates?

I know this was brought up very early in numarray development, 
specifically the idea of using Blitz++ (or something similar) as the 
basis for the new NumPy. I'm pretty sure it was rejected primarily on 
the grounds of limited good support for C++ templates on a wide variety 
of compilers. I think that's sad, as by now template support is much better.

The other idea bandied about is to make Psyco multi-array aware. That 
would be cool!


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