[Numpy-discussion] Numerical site taken down

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Sun Feb 6 09:52:10 EST 2005

My hosting of the Numerical Python website is now ended. Recent 
complaints that it was out of date and confusing are correct. I have 
long ago asked the current maintainers to change the page at 
numpy.sf.net which currently redirects to this page. I didn't want to 
just take it down and have nothing so I left it; and of course no good 
deed goes unpunished.

pfdubois.com/numpy now refers you to the sf.net/projects/python page.

Darren Dale wrote:
> Hi,
> As a relatively new user, I would like to contribute my experience to the 
> discussion. Late in a graduate program, I caught the bug and wanted to try 
> out python. Being established in Matlab, I was hoping to find a similar 
> collection of capabilities for Python, something that I could experiment with 
> and start learning fairly quickly. When I discovered Matplotlib, I felt home 
> free. Without too much effort, I had a plot on screen and felt 'ok, this is 
> feasible.' With the recent effort from Matplotlib and IPython, this should be 
> even more true for newcomers.
> On the downside, I have been somewhat confused by the state of things 
> concerning Numeric and numarray. I think I can trace this confusion back to 
> the pfdubios.com/numpy site (linked from numpy.sourceforge.net), which is the 
> first hit I get doing a google search for either numpy or numerical python. 
> "If you are new to Numerical Python, please use Numarray. The older module, 
> Numeric, is unsupported." There is no date associated with the site, but it 
> still advertises release 22.0. In the near future, I strongly suggest editing 
> websites for misleading information.
> So now I have both Numeric and numarray on my system, linked to the full, 
> atlas-tuned, lapack and blas libraries. I started out using numarray, 
> thinking it was in my long term interest, but I guess this is open to debate. 
> I was also hesitant to use scipy, because it relied on Numeric. Being an 
> uninformed newbie, I just wasnt able to make an informed decision (I am still 
> struggling with it).
> A lot of what I have read recently is very encouraging to me. I like the idea 
> of bridging the API gap between numarray and Numeric. I like the idea of a 
> multidimensional array getting into the core, something the community can 
> agree on. I dont care what array package I am using, I just want it to be the 
> accepted standard. I would like to hear what the numarray guys have to say 
> about Numeric3.
> Finally, I like the idea of scipy. I hope the community will come to an 
> agreement and work within a framework that will result in the most efficient 
> use of everyones time, the most logical interplay between packages, the least 
> redundancy, and therefore the most gentle barrier to newcomers who want to 
> experiment with scientific computing in Python.
> Deepest regards,
> Darren
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