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Mon Feb 7 11:47:12 EST 2005

On 07.02.2005, at 17:41, Gary Strangman wrote:

> This way, if you're doing timeseries analysis you import the relevant  
> modules and go to work ... no worries about installing stuff required  
> for morphology or statistics that you don't need. I realize this might  
> require (in

The amount of installed code is rarely an issue, unused code costs no  
more than disk space. So as long as installation is 100% trouble free,  
I don't mind big packages. They are easier to handle for the  
developers, after all.

> In sum, I pretty much agree with most previous contributors. With one  
> exception. I do agree with Konrad that, theory, the best analysis  
> approach is to build a custom class for each domain of investigation.  
> I've even done that a couple times. However, of the dozens of  
> researchers (i.e., users, not developers) I've talked about this with,  
> almost none have the time (or even desire) to design and develop a  
> class-based approach. Their goal is data

I wasn't thinking about users, but about developers. Users with no  
desire or no competence to develop non-trivial code will take whatever  
is available anyway. But they don't write complex scripts either.

My personal experience as a library developer is that defining the  
appropriate classes is a small investment with a big payoff, but I  
don't mind if anyone else disagrees.

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