[Numpy-discussion] Numeric3

Stephen Walton stephen.walton at csun.edu
Mon Feb 7 14:05:21 EST 2005

Gary Strangman wrote:

> Being able to say, "to get these additional functions, you need to get 
> FORTRAN" would be fantastic. It would help folks (including myself, 
> who dreads complicated installs) if wrestling with the install is 
> going to be worth the effort. 

I would rather say, "There is a huge amount of free code for doing 
complicated numerical work already developed in Fortran.  F2PY allows 
you to use this existing code base from Python, saving you having to 
rewrite in Python, C++, or what-have-you.  Since g77 is free and easy to 
install, there's no reason to re-invent."

BTW, g95's availability was more-or-less officially announced on Cleve 
Moler's listserv over the weekend.

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