[Numpy-discussion] Multiarray PEP

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 17 05:39:26 EST 2005

Peter Verveer wrote:

>> I would also like some help on resolving the type issue.   Is it 
>> important to have hierarchial classes defined (probably in Python) 
>> that can be used to check and/or specify type or are functions that 
>> check for various properties, fine.   Right now x.type is specified 
>> as an attribute but the attribute could be replaced by a method.  
>> What to return is the biggest question.
>> I've never had a problem with just the typecode characters although 
>> aliases (like Int16 or Short) which might be more meaningful are 
>> nice.   Are shadow-classes important in this case?  To me they look a 
>> little like extra bulk with no gain.  I'd love to be educated as to 
>> why it is worth the extra effort to have a bunch of instances lying 
>> around.  I don't feel very strongly about this though, so if somebody 
>> else does, I'm willing to go for it.
>> I've designed Numeric3 so that it is not difficult to change how 
>> typecodes are specified on the Python level.   We can really 
>> accommodate whatever.
> I am used to the numarray convention of using Int16 and so on, which 
> to me are more meaningful and far more easy to remember then typecode 
> characters. These could be aliases for character codes, which for most 
> purposes would be fine for me. The only practical problem that comes 
> to mind now is that if you print a type, you would get its character 
> code, which I would find inconvenient as I generally don't use them. 
> By using a python class you can use any string representation you 
> like. But I suppose you could just provide a function/method to return 
> a string representation for an alias to solve that.
> Peter
I agree, the use of numerictypes is the better way to go.  By all means 
provide a tool of some sort to permit onversion from or to the C codes.

Colin W.

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