[Numpy-discussion] Broken setup.py in Numeric 23.7

Tim Churches tchur at optushome.com.au
Tue Feb 22 16:58:39 EST 2005

A small plea: exciting work on Numeric3 not withstanding, would it be 
possible to fix setup.py in Numeric 23.7 so that it doesn't fall over on 
Linux? A few versions ago, if BLAS and LAPACK weren't installed or 
weren't found, NumPy would automatically build with its own versions of 
BLAS_lite and LAPACK_lite. Now it just falls over, and it is very 
inconvenient to have to instruct users of our app, which depends on 
Numeric, how to patch setup.py, and/or provide a replacement setup.py.

Also, the new home page for Numpy, to which http://numpy.sf.net is 
redirected, does not have a link to the SorceForge project page for 
Numpy from which released tarballs or zip file can be downloaded. That's 
another source of grief for users, who may not know to go to 


Tim C

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