[Numpy-discussion] nestedrecords.py module

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Tue Jul 5 11:49:17 EDT 2005


In our company we had the need for an extension of RecArray objects so
that they would be able to keep nested fields (that is, fields that
can have other subfields). The outcome was a module that is intended
to do that. We have tested it quite extensively and we think it is
quite free of bugs. The conversation with Les has reminded me about
it, and thought that it would interesting for the numarray community.

I'm attaching a tarball with the next files:

- nestedrecords.py -- Where the NestedRecArray lives
- nriterators.py -- A suite of iterator utilities for nestedrecords.py
- nestedrecords.txt -- Documentation in restructured text

The nestedrecords module is mainly a job of Vicent Mas
(vmas at carabos.com) and is offered with a BSD license.

Of course, we would be glad if this stuff ends in numarray sometime

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