[Numpy-discussion] numarray 1.3.3 build question

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Thu Jul 14 03:13:10 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 10:09 -0700, Russell E. Owen wrote:
> I'm on MacOS X 10.3.9 and am getting mysterious warnings when building 
> numarray 1.3.3 which I've never seen before.
> Building for the unix/x11 version yields:
> [dhcp-254:~/Archives\342\200\242/PythonPackages/numarray-1.3.3] rowen% 
> python setup.py config build --gencode
> Running sitecustomize.pyc
> Using EXTRA_COMPILE_ARGS = ['-Ddarwin']
> Running sitecustomize.pyc
> Running sitecustomize.pyc
> generating new API module 'libnumarray' .c  & .h
> generating new API module 'libteacup' .c  & .h
> generating new API module 'libnumeric' .c  & .h
> Using external BLAS and LAPACK
> running config
> Wrote config.h
> ...
> Packages/LinearAlgebra2/Src/lapack_litemodule.c:851: warning: function 
> declaration isn't a prototype
> Packages/LinearAlgebra2/Src/lapack_litemodule.c:848: warning: 
> `lapack_liteError' defined but not used
> gcc: -framework: linker input file unused because linking not done
> gcc: vecLib: linker input file unused because linking not done
> Should I worry? 

> I haven't figured out how to run the self-tests w/out 
> installing and I'm reluctant to install w/out knowing if the warnings 
> are a problem.
> also:
> - why do we need --gencode? 

You don't need it,  I do.  In general,  it's not necessary to use 
but it's there because the code generation needs to remain "live" in
order to be an asset but is also time consuming for people doing
repetitive installs to fix problems.   Prior to Python-2.4 and VC.NET,
--gen_code had meaning on win32 because VC6.0 didn't fully support
UInt64.  Everywhere else,  the CVS'ed C source just works.

> Is there some way to make that the default 
> so we can leave it off?

Sure.  I would say just don't worry about it unless you're building on
win32 from source using VC6.0.  

> - why do we need "config"? That's new to 1.3.3 isn't it?

No,  I think that's been there since 1.2.1 or so.  It's an artifact of
user submitted fixes to the linear algebra package which I accepted as-
is because they were submitted by someone who both knew enough
technically and had enough idealism to make the effort.


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