[Numpy-discussion] problem with poisson generators

Flavio Coelho fccoelho at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 07:12:35 EDT 2005

2005/7/14, Robert Kern <rkern at ucsd.edu>:
> Flavio Coelho wrote:
> > I have both numeric 23.7 and numarray 1.3.1 installed and on neither
> > of them I could reproduce the bug when I called them directly from the
> > python interpreter. However they fail on mean 0.0 every time when called
> > within my code. So it appears to me that the Bug you mentioned is not
> > what is causing my problem. It seems to stem from interaction with the
> > way its being called, maybe some carryover from previous calls...
> > this is the test I ran on the interpreter:
> > [(poisson(i),i) for i in uniform(-20,20,1000) if i<=0]
> >
> > I also ran:
> >
> > sum(poisson(0,100000))
> >
> > they both worked flawlessly. In the first test I wanted to see if there
> > was some carry over from previous runs when called with various means
> > (which is closer to the way it is used within my code), but it returned
> > zero every time. (I don't use negative means in my code, but I wanted to
> > try it here just in case)
> Are you sure that you don't have other versions of Numeric or numarray
> installed that might be getting picked up by your code?

I have just double checked. And the answer is no, there is a single version 
of each of the modules. 

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