[Numpy-discussion] optimizations

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Mon Jul 18 01:46:08 EDT 2005

i'm answering myself partly since no-one else did

> I realized that the ufuncs in numarrays are not as fast as possible 
> because they are coded very straightforward. Is there any particular 
> reason why this is the case, like cleanness of code, confidence in the 
> compiler or because the code was automatically generated?

sorry for disregarding the manual in this respect... clearly the 
codelets are generated

> I would like to contribute assembly SIMD codelets (SSE and Altivec), i 
> have been successfully using in my projects for quite some time. Is it 
> feasible to submit patches, so that these go into the main numarray 
> distribution, or should i rather implement this as separate ufuncs?

well then, is it an option to provide hand-written ufunc 
implementations, circumventing the code generation?
Is the function nomenclature stable enough that this would work for a 
longer time?


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